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MD-NJ 240 miles

After gathering our things, we started the drive to NJ. My parents were nice enough to lend us their EZ Pass which helped us avoid all of the toll lines (and there are A LOT of tolls between MD and NJ)! We hit a lot of traffic due to storm debris and people flocking to their 4th of July holiday destination. We eventually made it and were very excited to get out of the car and hang out with family. Usually, we only come up about once a year (during Thanksgiving or Christmas) so it was nice to come in the middle of the year and see everyone. Eric really enjoyed catching up with his family. He even cooked and shared with everyone his pulled pork and grilled corn recipe. Yum!

Towards the end of our visit, Eric convinced his dad and brother to help prep the car for the long drive ahead so they washed and waxed the car, changed the oil and air filter, and checked the tires.

Apparently my car is white and not charcoal gray! Soon we were set for the next part of the trip

NJ-OH 434 miles

Our goal was to drive to Grand Rapids, MI and visit our good friends who just moved there from Atlanta. We left later in the day so we decided to drive to Cleveland, OH where we would sleep overnight before continuing to Michigan. Our driving break was in the middle of PA at the Penn State creamery (where Ben and Jerry learned how to make ice cream). It was nice to have a stretch break and enjoy tasty ice cream milk shakes!

We made it into Cleveland just in time to grab some dinner and sleep. Unfortunately, Sura made sleeping a little more difficult. Not only was she full of energy from sleeping in the car the whole time, but she is bred to be a watchdog so anytime she heard the slightest sound in the hotel she would bark and wake us up. While I appreciate her efforts to alert us of potential “dangers”, I really just wanted to sleep before having to wake up early for more driving.