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The impromptu 2,423 mile road trip!

Eric and I (plus Sura) spent a lot of time in the car over the past 1-2 weeks.

Atlanta-MD 657 miles: First some background. After returning from our trip to the Dominican Republic, we received some bad news that there was a loss in Eric’s family. We immediately decided that we would go up to NJ to be with his family. At the same time, I was scheduled to work in Baltimore so I flew up to MD for a few days while Eric and I planned our trip up to NJ. It seemed easier to drive so Eric packed our stuff, buckled in the dog, and drove up to meet me in MD (yes, he drove 657 miles of our total trip by himself)!

Map of the entire trip:

Not only was the drive long and lonely, but he also drove through the crazy storms that were passing through. These storms we so bad that a lot of the Washington, DC metro area loss power. It was especially awful since the temperatures had been lingering in the 100s and the last thing you want to lose is power for air conditioning. I was staying with family when Eric arrived. His trip ended up taking over 12 hrs instead of the usual 10 or so hours. Since it was still storming, we decided it was best to get some sleep (especially for him) before we continued to NJ in the morning. The next morning, we ventured out and saw the damage from the storm. Roads were blocked off, trees were down (one fell on part of my grandmother’s car), and power was still out. While my family got their power back in 1-2 days, we later learned that it would take others nearly a week to have power again. It was another scorching hot day in MD so I was hoping heading further north would give us a break from the heat.

Next stop Northern NJ!