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One of the main reasons we planned a trip to the Dominican Republic was because one of my best friends from college was having her destination wedding in Punta Cana. I love destination weddings. It is a great way for friends and family to come and celebrate together but it also provides an opportunity to visit a new place and make a vacation out of it.

Since the hard rock is an all-inclusive resort, my friend had several wedding related events in the different restaurants and spaces throughout the property. We had the welcome cocktail hour in the Moon Lounge and the rehearsal dinner was at the steakhouse, Toro. You could walk to each venue and each place had its own unique feel.

The day started out with all of the girls meeting at the salon for our hair/make-up appointments. (I loved my hair and the stylist spent a lot of time doing it but I’m pretty sure my hair is fried from all the hair spray and the curling iron). Then, the wedding ceremony was under a lovely gazebo next to the beach. I was actually happy that we were not right on the beach since the sun was beating down and the gazebo provided some much-needed shade. After the ceremony, we went out to the beach for pics (perfect natural lighting for pictures) and then the reception was in the resort later that night.

I cannot speak for my friend, but from what I could tell, I thought Hard Rock did a pretty good job at planning the wedding. There were several weddings taking place the whole time we were there so I’m sure they are planning experts. I keep thinking about our wedding and others that we have attended and it’s so interesting to me how each one has been so different with great unique aspects that bring out each couples personality.

Congrats S&B!