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About 2 weeks ago, I accomplished something on my goal list, travel to another country. Eric and I were able to spend about a week in the Dominican Republic. This trip gave us the opportunity to relax and disconnect from the world. I think my favorite part about traveling abroad is having to turn off my cell phone and avoiding internet and tv. Since we were going for a wedding, we decided to add on some days and make a real trip out of it.

Where we stayed: Hard Rock Punta Cana

A lot of the places down there tend to be all-inclusive resorts. Since my friend was getting married at a certain resort, I didn’t have to spend much time researching places to stay. Eric and I thought the Hard Rock Resort was nice. It’s a huge resort that has a ton of restaurant options, close access to the beach, and every room had a hot tub and its own liquor dispenser. There were so many food options that we ended up doubling up on lunches and dinners just so we could try everything. Our favorite place to eat was a Brazilian style steakhouse where all of the meats come out served on giant knives and the pizza place.

What we did:

As part of the booking the room, we received credits to do certain activities. We were part of a wedding group so this came with the room rates without any extra charge. The first full day we were there we took out ATVs and went driving around parts of Punta Cana. I think Eric really enjoyed this activity since he had the opportunity to go speeding through dirt and mud. I went along for the adventure ride. The next day we did a tour of the Dominican Republic where we were able to see more of the country. Fun fact- the Dominican Republic produces 60% of the world’s cigars. We also saw how they grow cocoa, fruits, and make their speciality drink Mama Juana.

Of course, while in Punta Cana you have to enjoy the beaches. The temperatures were scorching and the UV index was high so we really tried to do beach time in the early mornings and later in the day as the sun was setting. Sitting by the ocean and waking up to the sound of waves made me wish Atlanta was located close to water. It’s such a relaxing feeling. It was also low season so there were much fewer people. Sometimes we even felt alone on certain areas of the beach.

The next few days we spent with our friends doing other fun wedding group activities! Stay tuned 🙂