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I spent this work week in Baltimore, MD. I’m originally from MD so it’s always nice to come back, even for work. My hotel is near the harbor and while it’s kind of touristy, I do enjoy having a nice view and places to walk to after office hours. Here is the view of the harbor from my hotel. You can even see the aquarium in the distance and a few boats in the harbor.

After our trip to the Dominican Republic (posts on that soon to come), I came back feeling like a little piggy since we ate non-stop during our trip. Sometimes we ate 2 dinners just to try all of the food! It’s embarrassing but true! So my plan was to pack some running clothes and shoes and go running around Baltimore since it would be a nice change of exercise scenery. Unfortunately, it has been brutally hot here. This has totally ruined my plans to do my morning runs around the harbor, yes even the mornings seem to be too hot.  Luckily the gym is pretty “fancy” and I’m able to entertain myself on the treadmill with all the cool features. It’s amazing how new and fun equipment can keep me motivated during a workout.

While I am trying to hop back on my exercise routine, I did not let that stop me from getting my staple meal here in MD…crabs! It’s good to be back in my home state 🙂

And to quote a movie on it all… “crabcakes and football, that’s what Maryland does”