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We are in the process of getting ready to do the first item on my goal list, travel to a new country. (I realize I’m overdue for an update on the list, I will post it soon!) We will be spending about a week in the Dominican Republic. I’m so excited to have some time off relaxing on what I hear is a beautiful place with stunning beaches.

I usually like to travel light. During our trip to Argentina, we each packed a backpack, didn’t check anything in (for fear of it being lost), and had everything we needed for 3 climates. This time is a little different. I have a lot of things that are restricted from being carried on so I have decided to check a bag and to take full advantage of the huge luggage. Most beach vacations just require swimwear, sunscreen, and some lightweight clothing which takes up very little luggage space. But we will be filling our bag with some other items. Our friends mentioned that there is an organization, Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation, which asks travelers to pack some extra supplies in any space available in their luggage for school children and public health clinics. They will pick up anything you bring at your hotel. I thought this was a fantastic opportunity to contribute to a good cause, even while on vacation (I encourage others traveling to the area to check it out)! So, we will also be filling our luggage with some art and school supplies, as well as little drawstring backpacks and candy (I imagine kids like sweet treats).

With everything we are packing, I also went ahead and purchased another travel gadget. I wanted a luggage scale that you attach to the luggage strap, lift, and get a weight reading. The last thing I want is for our luggage to be too heavy and then pay the airline yet another fee. Here is the one I chose. It’s pretty affordable on amazon and can go up to 110lbs. I’ll let you know how reliable it is once I go to the airport.

Unfortunately Sura will not be able to come with us (beaches are a little too warm for her) so we ended up getting her a new toy to make up for it. I think this is her favorite toy since she carries it everywhere and even brings it to her bed when she’s sleeping.

(hanging out upstairs in our house with her new favorite toy)