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Eric came up with a new house project that we (and by we I mean mostly Eric) will be tackling over the next few weeks…insulating below the floors! Apparently this will help keep the floors cooler in the summer but more importantly warmer in the winter. After mapping out the house, he determined we needed 24 rolls of insulation that we could get from home depot.  We decided to see how big these rolls are since we would have to pick them up to avoid crazy shipping costs. Insulation rolls are HUGE and there was no way we could fit 24 in both of our cars.

Let me start by saying that Eric and I both drive fairly small 2-door vehicles. We’re lucky to have great working cars that we both really like. While they’re fun to drive around and maneuver well, our cars were not meant to carry any loads or haul anything more than 2 passengers. We recalculated our measurements and prioritized an area to start with bring our insulation count down to just 14 rolls. Eric said this would be manageable for our cars.

(Standing next to our 14 rolls so you get some size perspective)

We proceeded to push our cart to the parking and lot and began the puzzle of fitting everything in the cars. So my car got a whopping 2 rolls in the trunk! LOL actually I’m surprised more than 1 was able to fit there. I squeezed 3 on the passenger side and one right behind me. So 6 rolls total in my car. Luckily the seats in Eric’s car fall flat so he could fit the remaining 8 rolls. I was impressed! We fit all 14 with not a single inch of space to spare.

We were able to make it work this time but still need to go back and buy more at a later time. Lately we have been thinking about how our cars aren’t really ideal now that we are homeowners and have lots of projects in mind. We also really like spending our weekends in the north GA mountains and driving up there gets a little difficult on the dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. We aren’t rushing to put down more money to get a new car but it’s starting to feel like it might be time to swap out one of our small cars to get one with a little more utility. I’m not saying we need a giant gas guzzler but seriously, a car with more than 2 doors that has some trunk space would be nice…