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Now that the weather is warmer, it’s time for lighter foods. I love all of the fruits that are available and I try to somehow incorporate it in my meals. Eric and I are also trying to cut back on fried foods and other “heavy” meals. The other day, we were walking through the farmers market hunting for some farm fresh eggs. No matter how early we get over there, I’m always too late and all of the eggs are gone! While in my hunt for eggs, I saw some strawberries that looked/smelled absolutely amazing! Of course I bought a container and brought them home to immediately think of how to eat them for lunch. I decided on creating a summer salad. This is one of my favorite salads since I usually have all of the other ingredients available.


  • sliced strawberries
  • sliced almonds
  • baby spinach leaves
  • poppy seed dressing– go light on this since it isn’t exactly the healthiest dressing!

I could seriously eat this salad all day. It’s definitely filling but it never makes me feel overstuffed (even after eating a large bowl).

We also bought a bunch of rainier cherries which are like dessert all by themselves! Yum!!

Side thought: How is at already mid-June?! Crazy summer traveling (personal and work) has begun! Right now I am trying to pack for 3 different trips (all in June), and one of them is international. Looks like I’ll be living in the airport for a while…at least there’s the skyclub to make it somewhat more comfortable.