Our friend invited us out for drinks after work to celebrate her birthday. It was a pretty busy week so I was quick to jump on an opportunity to relax at a brewery listening to live music. Definitely my kind of afternoon! Lucky for us, sweetwater brewery is only 2 miles from our house. Sweetwater is a local Atlanta brewery and they make some very tasty beers. My favorite in the summer is sweetwater blue which has a hint of blueberries mixed in.

(me, my glass, and a big sweetwater sign)

For $10, you get a souvenir glass and 6 drink tickets to try the different brews. They also have tours if you’re interested in seeing the technical behind the scenes action. We ended meeting some other cool kids out there and even one person playing the band. Pretty fun time for a weekday night. I used to come a few times when I first moved to Atlanta but it’s been a while since we spent an afternoon here. Now that it’s so close, I may need to come out more often 🙂

Lesson Learned: Apparently they cut off the taps exactly at 7:30. I was unaware and ended up with a lot of unused drink tickets. I know better for next time!