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Yesterday ended up being one of the better running days. I heard that the red bull soapbox derby was going to take place sometime Saturday. I’ve never seen it before so I mapped out our run for the morning to finish on 10th street which is where all of the activities would be taking place.

Initially, we ended up waking up much later than anticipated so the run almost didn’t happen. After reminding myself that I would regret not running later, I gathered the energy to sit up and start…better late than never, right?! I could already feel the heat building for the day and half-way through the warm-up I almost convinced myself to turn around. But, I was intrigued by the soapbox derby so we continued on. I’m so glad that we did because it ended up being a really great run. My pace was much better than I was aiming for and most of our route was shaded so it was pretty comfortable.

We eventually made it to the derby which was pretty exciting. After receiving our free red bulls and some other trinkets, it was time to check out the cars. It was neat to see the different designs. There were people giving out free stuff to promote their teams ranging from bananas to cow bells.

Here are some pics of the course and the soapbox cars:

The super fancy cars looked questionable. While they had innovative designs, I wondered if it would make it all the way down the course with all of the jumps.  I’m not sure who ended up winning the race but it was a fun experience. That plus a successful run equals a great morning 🙂