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We spent another Sunday back on the Appalachian trail. This time we hiked up springer mountain and another surrounding trail. (Hiking is far more enjoyable than my usual p90x workouts in the house). We left the house around 7 am to drive up, meet up with our friends, and get an early start. The weather was great and cool in the morning. I will say that this trail was a lot easier than the blood mountain hike we did the weekend before. Blood mountain started with a steep trek up the mountain on rocks. This hike was shorter, more level and shaded. While the views on Blood mountain were a little nicer, I couldn’t really complain about Springer mountain.

My friend brought her dog (isn’t she adorable?!) who took on the role of leading us through the woods. 🙂 We ended up at a nice lookout point where we stopped for a break and had some lunch.

As we sat enjoying the silence of nature and laughing with friends, Eric came up with a new idea that we are trying to plan out. We have always wanted to hike the Appalachian trail but given the fact that we both work full-time, it’s a little difficult to ask for several months off to complete the trail. Instead we are thinking of tackling the trail in segments, maybe doing the trail one state at a time over the course of a couple of years. The longer stretches in a state may need to be broken into 2 trips depending on how much time off we can get. Although it’s not exactly the same as doing the whole trail at once (and there are disadvantages to breaking it into segments) we think this is still a great way to accomplish hiking the trail. AND it will also make for some great backpacking trips. We are still in the beginning phases of thinking this through and nothing is set but I’m excited for the possibilities.

Anyone ever try hiking the trail this way??