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It has definitely felt like summer outside lately and we have been trying our best to take advantage of everything going on around the city. We had a pretty eventful Saturday. The day started with our usual morning run. It was beautiful outside and the air was nice and cool for much longer than usual. By 10am, I can usually feel the heat coming but this time it still felt nice even into late morning. It worked out great since I had an early appointment and we didn’t start a run until about 10am.

It was also the start of the Virginia Highlands Summerfest weekend. After a quick shower, we started our walk over the festival. Basically there are art vendors, food and drinks, and live music. The picture below was taken pretty early. By 2pm it was super crowded and you could barely make it down the road. At that point, we grabbed some beer and headed for the grassy area where they had live bands playing. While I enjoyed relaxing in the park to live music, the sun was starting to beat down and the last thing we wanted was to get sunburned so we slowly made our way back home.

Walking down the road, we passed The Original El Taco. For being located close to our house, we never had a chance to check it out. The shaded outdoor patio looked very inviting so we took a walk break for frozen margaritas and tacos. Yummm. We kept it reasonable and only ordered 1 taco each, light beer, and a skinny margarita (I’ll justify anything in my head lol). Sitting having drinks on the patio is probably one of my favorite summer activities.

We eventually continued our trek back home only for me to get distracted and stop by a local shop. I have been wanting to buy a pair of red Toms for a while and this place had my size. Awesome!

The shopping didn’t end there. We passed by an estate sale sign and decided to go for a quick browse. We found some really neat books, only $1 each, so I picked up a few for summer reading and to help finish up my goal of reading more non-work related books. Plus we have a few trips coming up so I need something to read on the airplane.

We eventually made it home after fun activities for the day. Saturday ended with a nice dinner out in downtown Decatur with good friends. All in all, I have to say it was a pretty great summer Saturday! 🙂