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We decided it was time to visit a small town in GA called Helen. We drove through the town a few years ago on our way to a cabin we rented. The best way I could describe it in passing was that it reminded me of Busch Gardens, minus all of the rides. It’s a really small town, only a few blocks long, and the buildings all follow the Bavarian theme. I was also told that they were known for tasty large pretzels and giant beers.

On the way there, we passed by a place called goats on the roof. The place is literally what the name states. We pulled up to a little building off of the country road and there were actual goats walking along the roof. We found it entertaining and pulled over to get a closer look. It’s just a little store with goats roaming. They even have areas where you can feed the goats.

I’m not quite sure why they keep goats on the roof but judging by the full parking lot, others found the place intriguing as well. We eventually got back in the car and made our way over to Helen where we immediately took our picture:

After a day of good food, drinks, and winning a few steins in our beer contest, I feel like it was a very interesting day trip and change from normal Atlanta activities.