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During our Monday off, we decided to meet up with some people and hike to the top of blood mountain. Blood mountain is part of the Appalachian trail. In fact, it is the highest point on the GA part of the trail. I heard great things about this hike (which ended up being about a 6 mile loop) especially the views. Going up can get a little steep and rocky so I wouldn’t recommend to someone new to hiking but it really is worth it once you get to the top. Once we got there, we got our day packs and started up the trail. We found a spot on the top to sit and have our lunch before heading back down. Here are some pics I was able to take while eating lunch.

Yup, we are pretty sweaty in this pic…

I’m glad we started early because by the time we reached the top, it was getting pretty warm. People were still arriving and starting their hike mid-afternoon. I cant even imagine how hot it would be for them.

It really is amazing how quiet it can be just under 2 hrs from Atlanta. It was a great way to spend the morning/early afternoon and we definitely plan on going back! Maybe Sura will like it closer to the end of fall…