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For those of you that are not familiar with lumpia, it is basically like a Filipino style egg-roll. We decided to make some since we had family in town. They are usually made in bulk and then they can be frozen and served as a quick snack later on. This was Eric’s mom first time having lumpia so we decided to get really crazy and recruited her to make 3 different types: meat, fish, and tofu. Growing up, I used to dread sitting at the table rolling trays of these things for family parties, but I’ve come to really enjoy it. I think it is because making lumpia, especially the rolling part, can be a fun group activity. So we all took our places at the table and the rolling began. [I’m sorry I can’t share the recipe, it’s one of those family secret things 🙂 ]

Even Sura was licking her lips in the anticipation of homemade lumpia!

We successfully finished the multiple trays. It was a fun family activity and I think Eric’s mom enjoyed it. The next day, I was able to use our new mini fryer to cook some of them. Delicious!