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I spent the week in Colorado for work. I was pretty excited to go since it was my first time heading out there. Once we landed in Denver, I was surprised at how open and flat it looked. I was expecting to arrive in a valley surrounded by the mountains. I was soon told that if I wanted to see a nice part of CO, I should head out to Colorado Springs. Lucky for me, that was already on my travel agenda for the week. We drove out to Colorado Springs a little before lunch in hopes of having time to briefly explore. Before my trip and once we arrived, several people mentioned visiting the Garden of the Gods so I was definitely intrigued. As we drove on the highway, we encountered heavy traffic, so bad that we basically turned off the car and sat on the road. I saw that we were passing the Air Force academy and there seemed to be a jet show but I couldn’t believe a show would make everyone come to a complete stop in the highway! Eventually we started to slowly move. I later found out that the show was for their commencement services and President Obama was there to give a speech and handout diplomas, hence the crazy traffic!

Anyways, by the time we arrived at the Garden of the Gods, we only had 20 minutes before our meeting so we did the quick driving tour. After seeing it for a short period of time, I really want to go back and explore the area in more depth. There are these really neat rock formations. The park also has several hiking trails and you can climb up some of the rocks! Very cool park!