Let’s start with the good…

The good is that the morning runs have been going well. Really, it is the only time of day that is cool enough to run without having to run in the dark. Evening running just makes me uncomfortable, especially if Eric isn’t coming along with me. I’ve explored different routes which has shown me some pretty neat neighborhoods nearby and smaller parks that happen to be right around the corner. I’m getting better at tackling hills (even though they are still hard and I dislike them). And I’m happy with my pace, averaging between 8:30-9min miles. So, hopefully I can keep this up.

Okay, let’s talk about the Bad…

Well, it’s more like bad for your health if done constantly but definitely great tasting! I decided to treat myself to a new burger place in the area, Grindhouse Killer Burgers. Plus they have this great outdoor seating area and it was beautiful outside.

There are a lot of these small burger places all over Atlanta and I have made it a goal to try most of them (the ones close by at least). I ordered a burger with cheese and mushrooms along with a side of fries. I shared the fries with Eric so I didn’t feel that bad about it (anything to justify it in your head, right…).

It was a delicious treat, although I would not recommend eating these everyday from a health standpoint. But, once every now and then can’t be too bad. I believe in moderation and not deprivation 🙂