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This past weekend was crazy busy as we prepare for some visitors to arrive this upcoming weekend. Expecting guests has really kicked cleaning into high gear. Luckily we were able to squeeze in some fun activities to balance the chaos. The weather has been cooler lately so I definitely want to take advantage before the full force of summer in Atlanta kicks in! After hiking Palisades East the other weekend, we decided to give the bike trails in Palisades West a try.

It was really beautiful outside. The clouds helped to keep the weather a little cooler and much more tolerable. The trail started off pretty shaded and flat along the water. I was thinking the ride was super easy until the trees cleared and there was huge steep hill facing me! Talk about serious surprise workout! The embarrassment of having someone see me get off my bike halfway up was the only thing that kept me going. Once I made it to the top I was so relieved, but then I saw all of the following steep hills ahead. So we continued on and it eventually became a little easier.

We made it back to the car exhausted…but in a good stress relieving way. All in all, it was a fun outdoor workout and good activity to get out of the house.