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Now that we have been in our house for about 2 months, it was time to get to know the neighbors. We have met them briefly in passing but I thought it would be nice to actually go over and introduce ourselves. I have heard several stories of people who do not get along with their neighbors and all of the horrors that follow. Luckily, ours seemed pretty friendly.

I wanted to make a sweet treat to bring over as we met our neighbors. A friend of mine mentioned how she likes chocolate pudding as an easy and somewhat “light” way to get your chocolate fix. This was sort of stuck in my head when I was thinking of dessert ideas. These mini tarts fit exactly what I needed : easy, tasty, and perfect for the warm weather!


  • Chocolate pudding mix and low-fat milk
  • Fresh fruit (I used strawberries and blueberries)
  • Mini pie tarts (can be purchased frozen or you can make your own)


  1. Make chocolate pudding as described on the box, I used low-fat milk. Apparently you cannot use soy or other substitute since the pudding will not form properly.
  2. I bought the frozen mini tarts (usually found with other frozen desserts at the store). Again, I needed something quick. You bake them from 10 minutes and they are all set for filling.
  3. Fill with the chocolate pudding and top with fruit (I sliced the strawberries so they would fit).
  4. Put in the refrigerator for 3 hours (or more) and they are ready to go!

Easy, I know! But also yummy! Eric topped his with a little powdered sugar. They are the perfect size for a few bites of dessert without overdoing it!