It has been about 3 months since my last update. It is weird to think that I am a little over 4 months into my goal list. Here is the current status of my list:

  1. Travel to a new country (Dominican Republic planned for June 2012)
  2. Own a sari that came from India
  3. Read 6 new books not related to work-3.5 so far. [the girl with the dragon tatoo, the help, the girl who played with fire, and halfway through what I talk about when I talk about running]
  4. Buy a house–[Done! We moved into our first house in March and have started to get settled in!]
  5. Bake an authentic Filipino dessert from scratch
  6. Visit the Smokey Mountains
  7. Visit a new state
  8. Hike 10 new trails
  9. Go camping
  10. Get a drink at the bar with my brother. He’ll finally be 21!
  11. Accomplish a new difficult yoga pose
  12. Complete a juice detox
  13. Learn how to meditate
  14. Run a race
  15. Get a bike and start regular bike rides- [I have made Sundays my designated bike days to start more regular rides, so far it’s working]
  16. Learn how to say hello in 20 languages- [Currently at 4]
  17. Watch the 10 greatest films of all time ranked by AFI- [All done! I actually really enjoyed this one and have continued to use other lists and people’s recommendations to find other great classic movies. Feel free to suggest a few movies you enjoy.]
  18. Try 24 new Atlanta restaurants-[12]
  19. Volunteer someplace new
  20. Help someone else accomplish something on their bucket list