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For the past couple of weeks, I was pretty determined to do some hiking/camping up in the North GA mountains. The weather is starting to warm up and our weekends are getting chaotic so I really wanted to squeeze in some time while it is still cool enough outside. So 2 weekends ago (I know, serious delay in posting), I decided to try to make it happen.

(Change of plans part 1) Then came the dreaded sniffling and coughing. I was convinced that it wasn’t a huge deal and a nap would take care of it. While I enjoyed the nap, it didn’t work out the way I wanted. Later on at night, I decided that camping was not going to be an option since I was starting to feel lousy and maybe we would just do the hiking part on Sunday.

(Change of plans part 2) I still was not feeling 100% so we decided to stay a little more local and do a hike closer to Atlanta. I have this great book listing and describing Atlanta trails so we decided to check out a nearby trail called Palisades East. There is also Palisades West that is more of a paved trail, good for running or biking.

So we got the dog ready for a hike, hopped in the car and headed out. I was hoping to start earlier but we were late leaving the house and then got a little lost finding the trail. Eventually we found it but it was already starting to warm up and Sura isn’t a fan of warm weather. Eric and I decided to forget the idea of doing the extended trails, and just hike down to the river and then back up, sparing Sura from unnecessary overheating. It was really beautiful down by the river and Sura actually went in the water for a little bit, probably to cool down.

It was a nice morning activity and hopefully next time we can cover more of the trails. Here are some nice pics of the outdoor scenery all within Atlanta city limits.

(Sura early in the hike still energetic, by the end she was really dragging…poor girl)