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We have big plans for this bathroom! Just not right now…

When we first moved in, we knew immediately that this bathroom was going to be our big project. We (not contractors) are planning on knocking down one of the walls (behind the sink and toilet), moving things around, and connecting it with the room to make a true master suite (something the house currently lacks). There are lots of things I want to change about this bathroom. I have been searching around the internet to gather ideas for new floor tiles, color schemes, fixtures, etc and it is amazing how many options exist.

But, these plans will probably begin in the summer since we have visitors coming and I would hate to have this bathroom out of commission with guests staying here. At first, this bathroom was Eric’s tool storage while he worked on the floors and other projects. It’s central location makes it pretty convenient. Imagine this picture below except completely covered in tools. I mean we are talking all over the floor, in the tub, on top of the sink…



I finally convinced Eric that our big projects are over for now and the tools can be moved to a more permanent location. Plus, this would temporarily free up another bathroom for our own use (I have a hard time sharing a bathroom with others) and for when our visitors arrive. So after some intense cleaning, a shower curtain, and mats we now have another functional bathroom. By the way, memory foam bathroom mats are amazing! I refuse to buy anything for this bathroom since it will be demolished and changed soon enough, but luckily I had extra bathroom supplies from when we had our 2 bathroom apartment.

A note to our visitors—now we have enough bathrooms to go around lol 🙂