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One of the hidden perks of moving is all the free stuff you get to welcome you to the neighborhood. Sure there are a lot of perks to moving but I really like free stuff. Lately, we have been receiving coupons to local stores for free/discounted items. One of the best ones came from whole foods. They sent us certificates for a free pre-made dinner, organic pasta sauce, and organic pasta of our choice. Awesome!

Last night was a little busy so I decided to take advantage of the free sauce and noodles. We decided to pick up some mushroom pasta sauce and spinach wheat spaghetti. I had some ground meat from our CSA and so it all came together. I’ve never had spinach wheat spaghetti so I was definitely intrigued.

Yummmm! Dinner was topped with a sprinkle of parm cheese 🙂 Eric, who originally questioned the flavor of wheat spinach pasta, licked his plate clean! I still prefer making my pasta sauce from scratch (it’s cheaper and you can tailor it the way you want) but this was a tasty alternative. The pasta was good and I might try the other varieties they had available. I’ve had some bad experiences with other wheat pasta which turned me off to it but this was good.

We had this with our complimentary whole foods salad. Thanks whole foods for the free dinner 🙂