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Have you ever taken a vitamin without eating something beforehand? If you are like me, taking vitamins on an empty stomach is one of the most dreadful experiences. I automatically get severe stomach pains that seem to last for hours with feelings of nausea. All from one little pill! Well, during our early morning trip to the airport, I realized that I needed to take my morning vitamins but I didn’t have a chance to eat anything before we left. I hate buying food in the airport since it is ridiculously overpriced, so I convinced Eric to make a detour before we got to the airport. I’m not a huge fast food fan but we had limited options and a flight to catch. We exited off the highway expecting to find some fast food place (they are everywhere) and were confused as we continued to drive this long road along railroad tracks. Convinced that we must have made a mistake, Eric decided we would drive to the end of the block and turn around to avoid getting lost and missing our flight.

Before we turned, I saw a sign for Chick-fil-a (one of the better fast food options) so we pulled in and decided to park and order inside instead of waiting in the crazy drive-through lines. I was surprised to see a sign for seating once I walked in. Really? There is sit down service at Chick-fil-a?? I’ve never seen this anywhere else.

While I was intrigued by the idea of sitting and being served at chick-fil-a, we ordered by the counter and got something small and fast so we could be on our way. I eventually saw a sign that said this was the Dwarf house chick-fil-a, the original.

I thought that was neat, so I pulled out my phone, looked up the dwarf house in Hapeville, GA, and read that this is where it all started. There is even a little tiny door in keeping with the “dwarf house” name. They have menu of diner food and chick-fil-a standard items. What a neat, early morning, airport adventure!