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Okay, so this past weekend, we flew up to PA to meet our friends and drove to our old college town. It’s a fun trip we like to plan in the spring, hanging out with cool people, pretending to go back in time when we didn’t have “grown-up” responsibilities. All together is was a fantastic, care-free weekend (but also ultimate fail with workouts and nutrition). I knew a lot of fried foods, drinks, and late night eating were on the agenda so I tried to maintain the idea that I would keep it somewhat under control. Nope…that did NOT happen. I mean it’s a little hard in a place where it is deemed acceptable to drink out of a pitcher.

This is me starting excited and happy—

I was not too happy the following morning when my body decided to teach me a lesson. I rationalized that I would just exercise harder once I was back in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the cold weather followed me back home so I had no choice but to hop on the trainer and start to make-up for all of my weekend decisions.

The trainer would not have been so bad if I wasn’t stuck on it last week because of all the rain. I made a little stand to hold up my Droid so I could watch tv episodes on netflix (again, we have no cable so the tv in this room is useless). It was either that or stare blankly at a wall for nearly an hour. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. But, I (especially my body) am glad that this is a once in a year thing.

[Another effect of a crazy, fun weekend— I’m pretty sure my cough and sniffles have transformed into a cold. Bummer!]