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This past weekend was an ultimate fail in regards to working out and diet (otherwise it was a really fun weekend). I will get into that later. But for now,  I decided to focus on the house since I see a little more progress in that area of life right now.

One of my favorite features when we purchased this house is the enclosed sun-room. I just imagined spending mornings with tea out in this room, watching the sun come up, enjoying the outdoors with the option of enclosing the space given the weather. The windows are really big, bright, and they are screened to keep the crazy Atlanta bugs out! I had been researching wicker furniture to put in the room. This turned out to be difficult. I am realizing that I am super picky with house related items and have a hard time committing to large house expenses. I was excited when I finally found a set that I liked and was in our price range!

A few days ago, all the pieces arrived and handyman Eric was excited for another project…assembling and building up the pieces. Seriously, he really was excited. I’m so lucky 🙂

With all the furniture up, we decided to use it for the first time and it was great. After a long day, we sat out in the sun-room, with Sura, and enjoyed the quiet sunset on our comfy furniture. Slowly, it is starting to feel like home.