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If you are familiar at all with Atlanta, then I am sure you know of Piedmont Park. It’s a lovely park located right in the city, and lucky for us across from our house. Though we have lived here for several years, I never really visited Piedmont Park. It is difficult to get to if you are not within walking/biking distance since they are trying to restrict cars in the area.

This park is also the same place we had our wedding reception, just on one corner. We decided that it was time to take advantage of our new proximity to the park and make our runs slightly more enjoyable with the spring scenery. Here are 2 picture I took mid way through our run along the lake.

Pretty neat. I would have taken more but we had to keep moving. I’m sure I’ll have tons of future opportunities to capture pictures. There were a lot of little kids tossing bread in the water for the ducks. We also ran by kids in the many playgrounds, groups of people having picnics, and others just enjoying the weather with fun activities and games. What a fun morning to knock some cardio out-of-the-way 🙂

Sidenote: I know that I have on my goal list to actually run a race this year. I have never been interested enough in running to really pay to run a race ( I would rather just donate money to the cause). After some talking, we decided that we could make a fun trip out of it if we chose a cool place and traveling is something that I do enjoy. So, we are now researching really neat places to visit that have a race sometime this year (maybe in the fall since our spring and summer seem jammed pack with other events). I havent decided on a distance but it will all depend on the timing. Until we figure it out, I will continue to research exotic/fun places to do my first race! Suggestions are welcome 🙂