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I like to think there are different stages of furniture owning, especially depending on your age. When I was in college, I had dorm furniture and random cheap plastic containers that I liked to use as furniture. Finally, I moved to start graduate school and my furniture slightly improved to include IKEA pieces and stuff my parents were tossing to get their own new furniture. I still have all of this furniture, mostly because I refused to buy anything while I was still renting.

A few months ago we acquired a wooden (real wood) dining room table and chairs from another couple that was moving. They are much further in their careers and deemed this furniture unusable for their purposes (they are a few furniture stages ahead of me). So I gladly took the table and chairs. The chairs do not all match but I think that makes the set kinda fun. After tightening some screws and giving it a nice cleaning, we have an awesome (and free) dining room table! The only issue is it isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing after sitting for long periods of time.

So my next home task was to get chair cushions. I considered making them but I am not very skilled in crafts, and I realized I do not own a sewing machine! So I went to world market and decided to get solid and patterned cushions to embrace our different styled chairs.

Thanks to the other couple, world market, and some tools/cleaning supplies, I now have a great-sized wooden dining room table and 6 comfy chairs all for under $100!

I would have taken a picture of the table but Eric decided he was going to bury the table in all of his paperwork…