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I have always been curious about trying a juice detox or replacing meals for 1-2 days with just juice. I have read that it really cleans out your system. I actually have this listed on my 2012 bucket list. We bought a juicer and have been making several mixtures to supplement our meals. One afternoon we didn’t have anything at home to juice and I was in a hurry so I stopped by Whole Foods and grabbed a bottle of Arden’s Garden protein blended smoothie. With all of the different fruits and veggies mixed in and the amount in a bottle, I calculated that it would have cost me about the same amount to make it myself compared to buying this bottle.image

Not bad! Ok, actually it was delicious! So recently, a friend of mine mentioned that Arden’s Garden also has a juice detox. You can just buy the juice pre-made and it’s ready for your 2 day detox. I wonder if this mix tastes as good as the other one I tried? I’m definitely interested and it sounds simple enough. I also want to look for other homemade options and see what works best for what I need.

Anyone else give this or other juice detox recipes a try??