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I have decided that my new favorite place to run is on the air force base.

Over Easter weekend, I went back to Maxwell air force base to visit family. While there, I decided to pack my running shoes in the hopes of doing some physical activity to offset all of the eating. Eric and I decided to wake up early to beat the heat and head out for a run. Best run ever! I started to think about what made this environment so great for running, and sadly, how difficult it is to find another place with all of these characteristics…

Here are the reasons this is my new favorite place to run:

1. The base is relatively flat. I really do not enjoy running in super hilly environments (basically my neighborhood). I don’t know why the base is so flat but my best guess is that they need flat areas to have planes land on the runways?

2. Small amounts of traffic and high incentive to follow the law. The base definitely does not have the traffic of a city, especially Atlanta. They also follow their slow speed limits. If you drive faster by even 1-2mph than the limit, they will ticket you! I felt a lot safer running and not worrying about cars speeding around a blind corner. Plus there were really like 2 cars driving that morning.

3. Nice scenery. Our run included passing by historic homes, old jets and bombers, a golf course, and there is even a path along the river and lake.

4. Other athletic people to keep you motivated. While running we saw several very fit, military people out doing their morning workouts. Being completely surrounded by people with optimal fitness levels encouraged me to keep going when I felt like stopping.

I’m glad I was able to enjoy my run because I would need it after eating endless amounts of food. Here is a sample meal of all the tasty food my aunt made for us that whole weekend. Yum!