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Back in early March, we decided to cancel our cable and internet. Our contract was coming to an end and we would be busy packing up so it made sense to temporarily go without tv and internet. We could always use our phones to go online if needed and put some of that data plan we pay for to work. I anticipated this being a little rough in the beginning. I do not really follow any television shows but sometimes I liked to hear it in the background or just relax on the couch watching some silly show that didn’t require full use of my brain. (Maybe if we had a fancy new tv, it might be different…lol). The disappointment of not having television lasted for at most a day.

Maybe I’ve been too busy with other things or maybe I never really enjoyed tv. Regardless, it has been about a month now and I really cannot complain! Now, I say we “sort of” gave up internet because we can still use our smartphones as a hotspot and connect to the internet through that if needed. So we haven’t truly given it up, but it has really encouraged us to cut back drastically.

(This is a pic from when we moved into the house. Our tv still looks like that and sadly the room still kinda looks like that…)

Benefits so far:

  1. More productive with unpacking and other house activities
  2. Money saved from not having a monthly bill (~$100)
  3. Less time wasted staring at the computer surfing the internet (less vision strain-indirect benefit)
  4. Less stress and anger stemming from comcast problems
  5. More time for fun things like…

Playing with the dog

(Or cleaning her after she plays)

Enjoying outdoor activities

Or even prepping a nice meal  🙂

(Eric and I really like making our own sushi)

Anyone else experience the wonders of being TV and/or internet free??