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This past week, we started the p90x doubles phase (or at least attempted to start). For doubles, you basically add cardio on top of all the weight lifting days. My plan is to take advantage of the warm weather and do outdoor cardio activities instead of the cardio x dvd. So far, it has been running but I hope to include more bike rides (Atlanta traffic terrifies me while I’m on my bike). To avoid workout fatigue, I decided to split it up for the day. The idea of doing an hour of weights, 15-20 min on abs, and then another 45 min cardio straight in a row is just daunting. So, cardio is done in the morning and then the other workout later in the afternoon/ early evening.

  1. Sat- run, chest, shoulders, tri, abs
  2. Sun- plyo
  3. Mon- rest
  4. Tues- back and biceps, abs (I missed this run)
  5. Wed- Yoga
  6. Thurs- run, legs, back, abs
  7. Fri- I ran instead of doing karate

(my legs definitely felt like jello after 6 and 7).

Eric had a little extra side workout. We soon realized that one of the duties of owning a house is to mow the yard. Our yard was out of control but we finally received our brand new lawn mower. I really should have taken “before” pictures. I’m almost certain our neighbors were making comments about our yard under their breath.