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I decided to change my strategy for unpacking. Instead of doing a little bit in each room, I am going to focus on one room at a time. This way I could at least see some progress. The easiest room was the room towards the back of the house, the 3rd bedroom. A benefit of having extra bedrooms is the ability to have fun with the space. We decided this could be our workout/lounging room. To do the p90x workouts, use the bike trainer, or do yoga, you really need the space. In our old rental house, we would just move around furniture to make space but now that is no longer an issue!

Before- Empty space

After- Workout/lounge room

This is Eric’s first dresser for clothes since he moved here almost 4 years ago. Crazy, I know! I am still trying to figure out how he managed his clothes without having a dresser. It also makes a nice tv stand for now so you can sit on the couch and enjoy a dvd (we no longer have cable) or use it for the workouts.

Plus, we kept the room pretty open so we can throw in a bed or inflatable mattress if needed for the times that we have several visitors. It is not completely done since there are some final touches that need to be added, but at least we have an “almost there” functional room.