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After another long day, we were in the hunt for food. (Sometimes I feel like a lot of our time revolves around finding food lol). I made the mistake of not really eating a meal the whole day, so by dinner I was getting that cranky, hungry feeling. We decided to find someplace nearby so I pulled out my phone, searched for places that were in the area, and landed at Sonny’s Place (thank you scoutmob!).

Sonny’s is a small, Mediterranean restaurant. I opened the menu and immediately saw what I wanted…the St. Peter’s fish. It’s a whole fish, served with rice, vegetables, and a side of their special lemon hot sauce. The owner told me that the key to eating the dish is mixing the sauce into the rice.

Yummmm! It was delicious. I should have taken a picture of my plate after we finished. It literally would have been a picture of an empty plate. The fish was pretty big for one person so I let Eric take a stab at it. We  ended our meal with a tasty piece of baklava. This meal definitely hit the spot. As we walked out, I noticed it was next to a byob painting studio. Hopefully I can come back and give the painting sessions a try…along with some snacks from Sonny’s place 🙂