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Something very weird and unexpected happened today…

Today is the first day of the p90x doubles phase. Basically it is the normal, daily workout schedule but with an additional 45 min cardio workout.It’s a lot but I am determined to complete this adjusted program. Instead of using the normal cardio x dvd, I am trying to take advantage of the spring weather and do a run or bike ride instead. I mean, to me, cardio is cardio regardless of the type.

Okay back to my weird morning. So I woke up thinking that I would go running as my cardio and then come back to do the remaining workouts. I’m planning on splitting them up during the work week but on the weekends, I would rather just knock them out for the day. As I put on my running shoes, that dreaded feeling came over me. Many of you can tell from my past blog posts that running is by far the one activity I really dislike. I find myself screaming in my head with every step I take, counting down until it’s finally over. I’m always in awe of people who are able to use running as a stress reliever, if anything the very thought of running sends my stress levels through the roof! The first mile went pretty much as expected, I started to feel miserable and wanted it all to end (our new neighborhood is very hilly and if there is anything I dislike more than running, it’s running up hills). I was also starting to think that leaving my music at home was a mistake.

Then something happened. All of a sudden, I found myself in a nice running rhythm. I started to focus on the pretty historic houses, the nice parks in the neighborhood, the weather was perfect and cool, and it was quiet and calm. Now, I am not claiming that I found that pure enjoyment other runners have felt, but this was the first time I didn’t mind my run. Before I even realized it, the time I allotted for cardio was over. I really could have kept running but I reminded myself I had another 1-1.5hrs of workout to go for the day and I don’t think my body would have appreciated that. Feeling amazed at how different this run went, I started to analyze all the factors that may have contributed to it. I still can’t pinpoint exactly what caused it, but whatever it is, I hope it’s here to stay… 🙂