Well, I sure hope it does since moving seems to have currently taken over my life! Between lifting, climbing stairs, and using every little muscle fiber to maintain balance, I think this just about covers all of the areas in P90x.

Last weekend was our BIG move weekend. We rented a truck, convinced some friends to be movers, and started the day. Loading up the truck and our cars is somewhat like completing a puzzle, only with large furniture as your game pieces. It’s a fun challenge to see how much you can fit in a given space. Although, this fun did not last forever. As moving fatigue began to settle, I started to think about all of the stuff we were packing. How in the world did we accumulate all of these items?? I think this is a common question that is asked by anyone moving.

Now, I’ve read blogs from people who are minimalist and live with only the essentials. I’ve also gotten advice on how to do the yearly purge of belongings. This makes sense for unused junk (which we are good about trashing) but not for our other things. For example, camping gear takes up a huge amount of space and isn’t used daily, but I’m not about to get rid of all of it only to have to spend money to buy again when  needed (and that stuff is expensive). The same goes for Eric’s golf clubs, our tennis rackets, travel and other activity gear…I think you get the picture. We just have a lot of stuff but we also have a use for it.

We eventually moved everything into the new house. The one piece of advice that I will try to follow over the next couple of years living in our home is not to buy more stuff just because I have more space. I can definitely see that happening but hopefully I will remember what a hassle it was to move this time around and will spare myself the agony of moving even more items the next time around.