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We are currently going through the final push to pack and move into our new house by the end of this month. I really want to just take a break from p90x since moving is a workout in itself and p90x can get time-consuming, but I’m determined to keep going. I already took a break before which is the reason why I had to start all over. Plus with the weather warming up already, I would like to make some progress in time for spring/summer activities.

Second week of phase 1:

What I intended to do (what I actually did)

  1. Sat- Chest and back, abs
  2. Sun- Plyometrics
  3. Mon- Shoulders and arms, abs
  4. Tues- Yoga (moving more boxes)
  5. Wed- Legs and back, abs
  6. Thurs- Kenpo karate (kenpo karate AND half of yoga)…2 in one day was a little crazy but now I kind of know what to expect once p90x doubles start in 2 weeks.
  7. Fri- rest day (moved more boxes)