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Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed. My day usually starts of early in the morning getting ready for work, then coming straight home after work to do p90x workouts, pack, then leave to go to the new house to clean and prepare for moving. Somehow in between I need to make dinner and prep things for the next day at work. Oh, and feeding/walking Sura falls in there somewhere…Eventually we get home (before midnight on a lucky day) and I try to get a few hours of sleep just to repeat the cycle again the next day.

After a long day, we were in search of a food that was relatively inexpensive since I ran out of cooking time and equipment. I passed by HD1 a few times before so we decided to give it a t. HD1 is restaurant focusing on hot dogs by chef Richard Blaise. Basically, if you have ever gone to those ” boutique” burger places, it’s the same idea only with hot dogs. They have several different options of hot dogs with the variety being in the toppings. Eric and I tried the Cuban hot dog and corn dogs, with a side of waffle fries. Delicious! At first I didn’t think we ordered enough but the hot dogs are pretty large and they are generous with the toppings. There were so many option; I definitely need to come back and try the others.

Another neat thing about this place is the collection of craft beers served in cans. I’m used to seeing these beers in bottles so it was fun to see the different cans. It definitely contributed to the casual and comfortable feel of the place. Overall, I liked HD1. It definitely fits my new price range after becoming a new homeowner! With the scoutmob promo, we saved a few extra bucks which I am always of fan of!