After deciding to start the phase all over, I was pretty happy with my progress this past week given everything else going on. It’s not perfect but hopefully I’ll get it down soon.

What I intended to do (What I actually did):

  1. Sat– Chest and back, abs
  2. Sun– Plyometrics (rest day due to a full day of new house cleaning/prepping)
  3. Mon– Shoulders and arms, abs
  4. Tues– Yoga (run, it was nice outside and I didn’t really want to be stuck working out indoors)
  5. Wed– Legs and back, abs
  6. Thurs– Kenpo karate (bike workout–I learned this is very difficult after completing legs and back the day before)
  7. Fri– rest day (fell asleep right after work due to all the housework this week and a REALLY long workweek, eventually woke up to do more cleaning and packing)