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One of my favorite parts of the house is the cute little butler’s pantry right outside of the kitchen. The owner recently added it to the house and I loved it as soon as we walked in.


So after I finished cleaning the kitchen, my next job was to clean the butler’s pantry, clean our wine glasses and crystal, and then add it all to the display.


I even found Eric’s glass whiskey set he purchased in Murano when he came to visit me in Italy. Most of these were kept boxed as we moved from place to place or they were wedding gifts. I’m so happy that we can finally take them out to display (and maybe even use) them. I even have room on the bottom for more!

Most of the time went towards hand cleaning and placing each glass and wiping down the  shelves and doors. I’m glad to have another item off the check list as we prepare to make the final transition into the new house the end of the month 🙂

Side-note: I have gone to home depot 7 times this week (very close to the number of times I have been to home depot in my life). I have a feeling I will become very familiar with the Atlanta home depots, or so I am told by other home owners…