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There is a reason I named this post FIRST kitchen cleaned. Our new house has, not 1, but 2 kitchens! In the converted attic space, they made an “in-law suite” area with a small additional kitchen. This is great if I ever have overflowing amounts of food but not so great for cleaning purposes.

While Eric was working on other projects in the house, I decided to spend the day cleaning out the main kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and butler’s pantry area.  I am very happy that the owner purchased great, new appliances and left them in the house. This includes the massive refrigerator. I really didn’t anticipate this being a whole day activity but I guess that was just me being a naive new home owner. It took forever to get through each shelf of the refrigerator, then tackle all of the cabinets (some which I had to use a ladder to reach), and then the glass display of the butler’s pantry.

I considered taking a break and continuing on another day but then I remembered I still have another kitchen in the attic to clean, and then my current kitchen needs to be cleaned before we move out. So I decided to push through and finished! As exhausting as that was, I am happy to have one thing done on the checklist. I also learned several things that day.


Lessons learned:

1. A house project will take longer than you expect

2. SOME natural cleaning products work. (I tried using natural cleaning products since it is a food area and I want to avoid too many chemicals). There are definitely brands that work, and others that do not! Whole foods eco scale green products did the job. Luckily we had a supply of these products given to us so I’m not sure what the cost would have been. You can also make your own but I haven’t figured out how to avoid the sour vinegar smell of homemade products.