I cannot believe we are already approaching the middle of March. I am still trying to adjust to the switch over to daylight savings time. I am pretty sure I am still feeling the residual effects of losing that 1 hour of sleep.

Alright, no more babbling about sleep. Let’s talk about my real issue here…working out (or lack thereof). After starting off strong and posting weekly updates of progress, things took a sharp turn off track. I’m not trying to make excuses but between being sick for over a week, house activities, and really busy workdays lately, I’m having a hard time finding the time and motivation to keep up. Those 1.5hrs workouts are not easy to complete everyday! I tried to slightly remedy the problem by squeezing in some shorter bike workouts when I couldn’t dedicate all the time to p90x, but soon that stopped.

After thinking more about spring and summer approaching, and a trip to the Dominican Republic in a little over 3 months, I knew I needed to get it together and snap out of this. It’s time to put the girl scout cookies down and find a way to make time. Ultimately, there will always be house activities and job responsibilities so I need to stop using that has my excuse. So, this past Saturday we started all over again with Day 1/ Phase 1. Let’s hope it goes a little better this time. 🙂