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As we approach closing day, we decided it was time to slowly start packing. But before we can even pack, we need to go through and get rid of anything that we no longer need/use. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over time. We have moved several time, usually in a short period of time, so we have never really gone through our things. We just threw it all in a box and have been moving our junk from place to place. Basically we have items that have been with us in MD, NJ, PA, and all over Atlanta. Well, no more! I really don’t have an excuse so today was the first day of sorting through all of the junk!

It was kinda fun going through old things. Eric still had things from college and I found many of those little items I thought I lost. A few of the boxes contained electronics. We had different generations of computer accessories and it was neat to see the progression of technology over the past few years. I even found my old portable CD player, with an old mix CD in it! Awesome.

Another thing t0 note is the amount of pens and pencils all over the house. I was convinced we didn’t own any pens since I never seem to have a pen available when I need one.  But today I realized we in fact own many pens! I actually sat and organized the pens, pencils, and markers into separate bags throwing out all the useless old ones.

So today, we tackled 5 boxes of “stuff”, donated 3 full bags, and actually have 1 box packed and ready to go. I think that is good progress and should get the ball moving…*fingers crossed*