It has been a while since I wrote a post about our experience towards owning a home. Time seems to be flying by even though there are days where I feel like parts of the process are moving at a sluggish rate.

Currently we are in the paperwork stage. Eric has taken the lead on this which is great considering I lack the patience required to work with the agent, lawyers, and everyone else involved. I realize that, under current circumstances in the housing market, the process would be thorough and it would be more difficult to get a mortgage. But, I never thought that it would be this much of a hassle, especially considering we worked really hard to be great candidates for purchasing a home. I think the part that I am frustrated with is all the documents that they request (without any explanation) and the short turn-around time we are given to submit it to them (only to find out they won’t review the documents for another week or 2). Blah…Ok I am done with my rant.

I’ve learned to accept that this is the way it’s going to be and we have been following the flow of it all to ensure that we close on schedule. As of now we are scheduled to close in 2 weeks!! Stay tuned 🙂

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