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We spent this past Sunday exploring new places in Atlanta. Since we had visitors, it was the perfect opportunity to explore more of Atlanta. We started our morning visiting the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. It is a very ornate church located in downtown Atlanta. The interior was really pretty and I liked all of the colors.

Later that night we decided music would be the activity of choice…and no, not karaoke. I’m a fan of jazz and love listening to live music. After doing a quick Google search, we ended up visiting Churchill Grounds.  The performing group was Chandra McKnight and her group. She is the main vocalist and plays the piano, along with a drummer and bass guitarist. What I love about jazz is watching the performers get lost in the moment. Their passion for music really shows, especially in their facial expressions. I even found myself swaying in my chair along to the rhythm. I had an AMAZING time and definitely recommend going there for a night of music.

(Sorry, no pictures since it was a small, dark room and I don’t think they would have appreciated the flash)