Feb 11-17

This week was a little difficult. I’m still working on setting aside enough time after work to establish a routine but things always get in the way. The whole diet part doesn’t seem to be happening. I’m doing better with the portion control, but I need gain self-control over sweets. Okay, that is enough of the negative. I am happy that I am at least making it through the workouts after long weekdays and I’m still optimistic that things will begin to improve.

  1. Saturday: chest and back, abs
  2. Sunday: plyometrics
  3. Monday: shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs
  4. Tuesday: supposed to be yoga but it was Valentines day so I skipped it for our fun dinner. (rest day)
  5. Wednesday: missed another day blaaahhh
  6. Thursday: legs and back, abs
  7. Friday: karate (it was supposed to be a rest day but I already had 2 of those this week)