Feb 4-11: The first week of P90x doubles

The transition back to P90x has not been as easy as I was hoping. For some reason I assumed that, even though I took time off from the program after finishing it last summer, I would be able to jump right in without any problems. While on a break from the program, I tried to stay somewhat active but in reality it is hard to replicate those workouts.

I started on the first day by taking my baseline measurements. This was the same notebook I used when I did the program last time. It made me a little sad to see how much progress I made before and how I pretty much lost most of it. But, then I thought about it a little more and decided that if I could do it then, I could certainly do it now. The results are attainable, I just need to get there again. It’s all about getting your mind straight (as they say throughout the whole program).

So, I am definitely feeling sore (but good sore) and I am still trying to block enough time in the day for the workouts but nonetheless, it was a good first week.  Luckily, the actual doubles part isn’t until phase 2 so I can ease into adding the extra workout in the morning. 🙂