We completed our home inspection and from what I understood, it went well!

After researching/ speaking with several inspectors and talking to friends to get recommendations, we finally chose an inspector. The first thing I learned was that an inspection is a VERY long process. I was surprised when he first told me it would take at least 4 hours. I know it is an older house but it’s not like it’s a mansion or anything lol. Our actual inspection took almost 5 and a half hours. I mean, I am glad he was thorough but following him around making notes of problems was rough for that many hours straight!

At the very beginning he told us that there was no such thing as a perfect house and every house has problems. I’m glad he said that because with every little detail he shared on things to fix, it sounded overwhelming. Luckily, Eric is much more knowledgeable on fixing things and home repair so he reassured me that all of these tasks were manageable fixes.

Even though it was a long afternoon (into evening), I did learn a lot about houses and it even made me excited about owning one. So, after going through inspection (and not failing with any major violations) it looks like we are moving ahead towards home ownership. We negotiated to have some of the items fixed and luckily the owner agreed to do all of them! Hopefully everything works out and we’ll make it to closing day 🙂