Last year, I completed the P90x program during the months leading up to the wedding. I was really happy with the results, especially given the fact that I didn’t really adjust the diet part.  Since then, I haven’t really kept as regimented of a routine for working out. I usually end up doing a hodge-podge of activities (usually some yoga, weight training, or running) depending on the amount of time I have.

After a recent doctor’s visit indicated I may have gained a few pounds since the wedding, I decided that I have made up enough excuses and it was time to get back into shape. This time around, I would do P90x and add some bike work-outs (probably on the non-cardio days). In p90x doubles, they add an extra cardio routine so in theory adding the bike workouts would be the same idea. I mean I did just buy a bike so I should probably use it, right…

Besides the lack of consistent workouts lately, my other main problem has been my mass intake of unhealthy foods. I usually fall victim to this during the holidays but now that January is basically over, I need to get off this habit. Since the first month of the program is usually the fat-burning phase, my plan is to get my diet under control and start eating meals in appropriate portions. I don’t really believe in depriving yourself. Portions are key!!

So, this is the plan for the next 90 days. Let’s hope I can make it through, again! Maybe writing blog entries will help keep me focused and accountable. *Fingers Crossed* I have the equipment out, a stockpile of protein drinks, and I’m ready to go!!