So, a lot has happened since my last post about house hunting a couple of days ago. Since then, we have found one that we like and have been going through the negotiations process. I never anticipated feeling that nervous/anxious over every call and email that was coming through. A lot of this came from the fact that every house I liked seemed to be coming off the market in just a few days. I really like this house but I have tried to remain detached from it to avoid any more disappointment.

Sidenote-I like to think that there is always something positive within the negative. In this situation, I used my anxiety to push me back into yoga again. This definitely helped to calm my nerves and it gave me something to focus on besides all the waiting. So glad to have my regular hour-long yoga sessions back 🙂

Finally, we received word that the seller accepted our final offer!!! I’m so glad that it was accepted and most of our terms were met. Yay!! There is still the pending inspection which could change things. Right now, we are scheduled to have our inspection tomorrow. As long as there aren’t any major issues with the house, we should be homeowners by early March!! *fingers crossed*